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Creating custom made website or e-shop

The price is always adjusted according to each project complexity and it is stated in advance in price calculation.

All my pages are always running on CMS. Standard pages are using CMS MODX Revolution, e-shops then running on Open Source CMS, like OpenCart. All systems are on high technical level, regularly updated and most importantly, they are provided free of charge - no additional cost for licence.

design Websites Graphic Design

The basic idea of modern sites is clarity, simplicity and usability for the visitor. Web users do not visit the sites in order to admire the visual appearance or animated banners and flashing buttons. It is important for them to quickly find the requested information and understand what the page is about and what it offers. Graphic stylization has to only support thematic focus of the site and facilitate orientation in the text. The appearance of web pages also affects the first impression about the company in the eyes of potential customers.

After consultation and clarification of the appropriate style of website, I will create a graphic page preview, which will be sent via email for approval. 


html HTML Template Coding

According to graphic template I will create HTML and CSS code, which will then be implemented into CMS. Quality page code respect web standards, manages to display correctly in older browsers, and vice versa it takes advantage of modern browser (HTML5, CSS3). It has the optimal code size, because of the download speed and last but not least, it is optimized for search engines which prefers clearly and correctly written website in search results.


modx Implementation into CMS MODX

Though the CMS MODX does not have the name know, such as Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress, it ranks at the top of the current CMS. MODX CMS is very powerful in terms of modularity and adjustability of the system to suit your requirements, yet very clear and simple for end users. Continuous support from the developers ensures safe and reliable operation and a large fan community provides enhancements, tools and scripts extending the functionality of the site in all possible aspects of usability. Nowadays there is no sense in making only static web pages without content management system as often offered by some companies. 

Basic CMS MODX functions (usually included in price)

  • Clear graphical user interface
  • Picture galleries and albums
  • Picture Viewer, (Lightbox)
  • Adding comments to the articles and their management
  • Contact form
  • Search the site
  • Monitoring traffic (Google Analytics)

Advanced functions

  • Multilingual site
  • Export data to XML or RSS
  • Additional code programming in PHP, such as
    • Automatic change of content according to the data (eg daily menu)
    • Recalculation of price according to the action discounts 
    • Interactive calendars to select date
    • Interactive sliders, check the button, etc.

seo Site optimization not only in terms of SEO

Successful and competitive web sites need to be properly optimized for both users and search engines. Optimize code for faster page loading even on slower internet connections. Validate the code in terms of web standards. Optimize site in terms of SEO, including analysis of key words and their appropriate placement in the text and also the correct page displaying in different browsers, including mobile devices. 


seo Launching the site, instruction for using CMS and technical support


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