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LuciCat - website for cat owners


Project description: Web for cat owners with advice and offering Ragdoll kittens and British blue cats. Website with advice for novice cat owners. Offering Ragdoll kittens and British blue kittens. Site includes a gallery of cats, random videos from a particular channel on YouTube. Automatically generated related articles, sorting articles by category, show nearby vets on the map.

Realization: 2013

Client review: Speed, quality, thoroughness and conscientiousness. I am very satisfied with the work of Mr. Ing. Martin Schrott. It is obvious that for Mr. Schrott's his job is his hobby and he is willing to invest much more than ordinary effort. I admire the speed with which he responded to my questions, and even during weekends or holidays. He came up with a number of ideas how to make my website even better and more visible. I would like to thank him for the pleasant cooperation and very well done job. Mgr. Lucie Luxová


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