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Completed websites for sale

I offer ready-made website with content management system designed specifically for a particular business segment. Deploy and launch of a Website is possible in one day. Web templates commonly available on the Internet only have a different look, but no pre-constructed content, features, scripts and php codes. My templates are created with regard to the specific requirements of your business. 

The main advantages of this solution

  • Launch site in 1 day
  • No monthly fees, your own webhosting
  • Pages that you can manage yourself
  • Very low price
  • Web site features tailored to your business
  • Free installation on your hosting
  • Free implementation of a custom logo
  • Optional appearance and color modifications
  • Optional site features modifications

All inclusive

  • CMS for easy content management
  • Manual for CMS
  • Statistics on site visits
  • Valid html code
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • If necessary ensuring reliable and quality hosting
  • Technical Support

Why such a low price?

This solution can be bought by anyone, so the price is reduced by the so-called exclusivity. Web is not tailor made to the customer, but targeted to specific segment of your business and can be bought by multiple customers. But if you want to be distinguished not only the logo, change the look for an additional cost is possible. The price is final with no other hidden charges and VAT.

How does it work?

Web pages are already created, including master pages, text and description of some functions. After ordering, I will upload data to your ftp server and database to a MySQL database. After installation I will send you login details and a simple manual with instructions. Up to you is to add text to individual parties and upload pictures. There is no need for any special knowledge of html code. Just the normal Internet skills. Hosting requirements can be found HERE.

Available websites


Finished web with the theme of construction and installation, but can be used universally. This is not a web template and will not be reselled to other clients. The price includes logo adjustment.

Cena: 7000 Kč

Simple and clean corporate website

Smaller-scale corporate website with a clean design and section of the site, which is available after login to registered clients only.

Cena: 3000 Kč

Web sites for hotels and guesthouses

Website aiming to offer accommodation in hotels and guest houses with rooms description, sorting into categories, time-limited special deals and discounts, booking forms, etc. Example of this template can be seen at

Cena: 5000 Kč

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