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Ready for sale website focused on accommodation services

Web sites for hotels and guesthouses

Project description: Website aiming to offer accommodation in hotels and guest houses with rooms description, sorting into categories, time-limited special deals and discounts, booking forms, etc. Example of this template can be seen at

Price: 5000 Kč

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Key features of the website

galerieAnimated gallery with special offers and discounts. Picture links to a page describing the discount. It also displays daily lunch menu. 
 rámečkyOption to show or hide the boxes on the right side, Contacts, Links, Booking form and The news.
 detailyView brief or detailed list of rooms with a price, discount, the number of people, icons showing room equipment, description, and gallery.
 kategorie pokojůOption to create categories of rooms (single, double, luxury) with different prices and discounts.
 platnost nabídkyFor special offers, you can set the expiration date which will appear on the site and after expiration it will be automatically hidden.
 sleva ubytováníAccommodation discount are entered by percentage of the final price and it is automatically recalculated according to the number of people. After the discount expires, the original price will appear.
komentáře Option to add comments and guest reviews.
 polední menuShows the daily lunch menu. Meals are entered in advance for the whole week.
 xml exportExport lunch menu for RSS reader or server
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